Music & Memories @ Steppenwolf

Wow! What an amazining experience. Sharing the stage with and passing the mic to blues legend Koko Taylor! I'm still flyin' high! Yesterday afternoon Steppenwolf Theatre was bursting with Chicago history. A brainchild of Sylvia Ewing, Music and Memories featured on stage chats with Koko Taylor, Timuel Black, Tom Burrell, Michael Warr, and Laura Washington. Those conversations were introduced/complemented by music directed and sometimes performed by me. Marcin, Bryan, Michael and Greg rounded out the Quintet and we were joined on stage by blues vocalist, Delores Scott; DJ, Itch 13; and poets Kevin Koval, Amina Hawkins, Avery Young and Sense. We tackled many musical genres and paid homage to the music and musicians of Chicago. It was an honor to share the stage with such historic majesty. Memorable indeed!

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