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Very fascinating young lady. From an old classmate, & new fan. Yours sincerely, Walter K. Eldridge, III.
Lucy, It was delightful to find your website and listen to some of your music. Congratulations on your singing career. Your old Freeze Campaign friend, Barb
looks like you are keeping busy but are you not due for a road trip to central illinois?! send word
When will you be playing down here in the corn fields of Chambana? We miss seeing and hearing you live!
saw you and your quartet at Chicago's Steppenwolf Traffic Jam series your vocals/singing were superb!! I am a new fan and will be looking for you throughout Chicagoland
As devoted fans of Lucy and Cheryl (the other IMPORTANT voice!) we'd love to, but can't make it to this impressive venue to hear you. Have fune! Lots of love from California, Jody and Steve
Nice website...keep up the good work. I have added, "Movin' On" to my regular rotation list for, "The Jazz Collection". Tell your friends and fans to tune in at -Sat. 8-11PM CST-click on, "Listen Live". Best wishes for your success. Theola Bright "The Jazzy Poet"
just checking in so I can say I knew you when...
Hey Lucy, Love your website! Adore You! Congratulations! Robin F.
Hey Lucy Girl !! I'm so proud of you. Your own CD and to think I knew you when you would sing me to sleep through the basement vent! I just ordered the CD and can't wait to get it. Love ya, Sheila
I am so excited foryou. The music was great. your site is awesome . i n f i d e l i t y, hilarious. Enjoy the 25th. I can say I know a STAR. Pop-Pop would have loved this album I'm sure. oops CD not album
Ilike your site it is cool.
Heyy love the music and I also love the picture of Samantha in the morning! I don't really look that much better in the morning either
The show in the park Sunday was great . I really got my GROOVE on! The CD is nice, and entertaining . Right on Lucy.
Guest book looks pretty good...and the music is sweet! Can't wait for that CD.